" Philippe Chamouard's music is sometimes full of light, often solemn and tonal, but frequently disrupted by sharp dissonance. It is also meditative and more colourful than it seems. His music works on us like a poem which would create new sonorities out of familiar words."

The Eighth Symphony is a panoramic, rich, wide work, opening the imagination over endless landscapes …"
Rouen Magazine (France)

"The intresic beauty of Philippe Chamouard' music. His Heighth Symphony is generally expressive and mysterious, always deeply inspired."
Pizzicato (Belgium)

" P. Chamouard's music reveals authenticity, freedom, also solitude, as rarely reached(...). L'Esprit de la Nuit, this marvellous short piece(...) ."

"The Third Smphony offers astonishing beauty."

"Les Figures de l'Invisible" is the natural continuation of Debussy's music. P.Chamouard's music is full of secrets, hidden meanings and symbols."
Gaseta Wyborcza ( Poland)

"L'Esprit de la Nuit" was only impression, illusion, and feeling in which the atmosphere was given in a conductive and beautiful manner.
Gaseta Wyborcza ( Poland)

" The harmonic language is Messiaenic her and there, but with its own dialect. As striking as these pieces are, their strength lies more in their sensuous and visceral appeal than in anything formal. The more assertive sections of Opalescence are simply awesome: huge sheets of sounds whose resonance and brilliance amid the cold stone walls has been captured in outstanding fashion."
American record guide

" A creation which reveals a composer with project."
Ouest France

" The link between O.Messiaen and Ph.Chamouard: meditation, the passage of time through colour,the illumination of stone touched by light filtering through the stained glass windows of a Gothic cathedral."

" The orchestral texture tends towards early Schoenberg without the expressionist aggravation of the Vienna School."
Le Républicain lorrain

" A moment of eternity and serenity which fills one completely. "
Le Fîgaro

"Ph.Chamouard did not use the means that Picasso, in another art, used for Guernica. "
Le Maine

" An intensely spiritual and cosmic work."
Le Christianisme

" Artistic creation is for Ph. Chamouard like a grain of sans wherein the urge to compose is one with the voice of the poet."
Nasza Rodzina - Poland

" The Second Symphony apart from the obvious allusion to an ongoing tragedy, is outstanding in its own right with an admirably sustained line and vigor, the somber rhythmic intonations of the strings resolving in flash of light projected from the wind section. The voice superbly dominates the orchestral mass, endowing this work with an uplifting thrust to which one cannot remain unmoved."
Sud Ouest

" A very beautiful cycle by Ph. Chamouard entitled Opalescence. The listener is truck by the immobile temporality, slow and inward, of this mystical music adorned by magnificent harmonic changes. The music, always of high quality, is deeply spiritual and we are happy to recommend it to poeple who enjoy contemporary exploration of new worlds of sound."

" Here with the Second Symphony and Halabja are two powerful works interesting, touching and overwhelming us."
Les petites affiches

" A very beautiful concert with the opportunity of discovering a French talented composer still somewhat un known to the general public. "
L'Aisne nouvelle

" Halabja… from which a finely moving singing emerges."
Le Figaro

" Halabja: disturbing music on the even more disturbing theme of the slaughter of the Kurds by the Iraqi army."
Le Courrier Picard

" The work is very beautiful and particularly moving… A lesson of humanity that warms the heart."

" Sheer success for Opalescence. A French creation offered as an elevation to God, inciting to respect and humanity."

" Halabja: a tribute paid to the Kurd nation; P. Chamouard is a great humanist."
Le Courrier

"Opalescence carries us away in the spiral of life colours. These pieces for organ desacralize the instrument."
Le Courrier

" P. Chamouard and O. Messiaen have here the same approach: slowness of the pieces, time discrepancy compared with our daily stress for the benefit of a more meditative rhythm. A style to be (re) discovered."

" In this music, constant multicoloured reflections appear similar to those in the stained glass windows. Whoever bathes in such a stream of colours will find the music as captivating as generous."

" Ineffable spirituality comes out of the musical discourse...which makes the richness of the contemporary organ discovered and appreciated."
Sud Ouest

"P.Chamouard 's strong personality is revealed in his "Kyrie de la Messe des Anges" with the arched Bartok construction and lays a conrnerstone in the church music of our time.
Le Monde de la musique